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CineHub brings the best movie experience at affordable prices - for the first time in Pakistan


What you get

  • a huge collection of Movies and TV shows
    all in high definition including 3D movies

  • a simple online ordering proces 
    with a convenient home delivery service - with payment on delivery

  • amazing Blu-ray quality
    true to life Full HD 1080p Video and an immersive 5.1 Surround Sound Audio


Try our service and if not satisfied, return the CineHub USB 
and get your membership fee back

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Umedia Blu-ray DVD Video Quality Comparison 

What is CineHub's Umedia™ entertainment?

Blu-ray video quality is the only medium which delivers high definition content. It is considered the best and unparalleled globally and we bring this technology to you with our Umedia  

Our movies and TV shows called 'Umedia', has video quality on par with Blu-ray. As a result, it is superior to all other formats including,

  • best UK/US cinemas
  • original DVD® movies
  • online streaming services like YouTube, iTunes & Netflix
  • downloadable Blu-ray rips






Note: Currently our services are only available in Karachi. We will be expanding to other major cities soon



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